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Maintaining Productivity

Despite economic fluctuations, limited resources of raw materials and severe economic sanctions, Javaneh Khorasan always try to maintain the productivity and sustainability by using high quality raw materials provided by reputable European companies. We know that, we will have the future just by producing a quality product.

Protecting the Environment

Javaneh Khorasan considers its goals along with environmental ones and believes that biosustainability is a kind of profitability.
We are convinced that there is a close relationship between environmental protection and sustainability, growth and prosperity. Javaneh Khorasan is responsible for producing quality and safe products which guarantee livestock and poultry health and welfare.

Safety & Security of the Staff

The level of skills of employees and their high motivation are essential to success. In Javaneh Khorasan, it is possible for any individuals to show their inherent abilities, and we always use their creativity and suggestions to find new ways in order to be more profitable.

Observations for Raw Materials & Products

One of the most important requirements in all companies that deal with chemicals, is the proper, principled maintenance and management of raw materials and products, which is not only in compliance with the law, but also to maintain the safe condition of materials in each production unit.

Social Commitments

Social commitments are extremely important in Javaneh Khorasan and the company's goal is to create value for society, which is beyond the company's growth prospective.