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Innovation and creativity

Innovation in producing of new products in field of mineral and vitamin supplements for animals and poultry has a vital role in advance towards a dynamic company. The research and development team with a great effort takes long steps to achieve future prospective. The research and development department has started its activities since 2013 with producing of feed supplements for animal, poultry and laboratory animals. Our team has a great ability in attracting of customers through creating value and understanding scientific points.

Activities of the research and development department

There are enough facilities in our laboratory for determining of quality of new products and professional staff is employed to do main activities of this department. Searching of the scientific articles, creating ideas, designing of experimental products, determining of the properties new product are the most important efforts of the research and development team in Javaneh Khorasan Company. This department is being corrected and improved of services and products using effective studies and has a direct impact on increasing the quality, boosting of standard levels and sharing market information in our company.

New Products of the research and development department

Innovation and production of new and diverse products play an important role in market leadership. In this regard, our R&D team takes an important step for achieving of future prospective. Our purpose is to maximize sales and market attraction in the coming years and to add new products to the company's product portfolio. Setting up of new units for producing of different products is one of the main goals.