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Organization Mission Statement

Javaneh Khorasan Co. has been producing additives, premixes and base mix concentrates for livestock, poultry and laboratory animals for decades relying on the capacity of skilled and committed staffs, using up-to-dated approaches and technologies and also, applying the highest quality raw materials. Maintaining the nutritional health of the society is our commitment. Beside of extending our market in Iran, we are also developing our customers to neighboring countries, especially in Central Asia and the Middle East.
Relying on the presence in the domestic markets for more than 3 decades and being the representative of the most prestigious brands in the world, Javaneh Khorasan is proud to provide the bests for livestock and poultry industry and feed mill companies domestic and foreign markets.
This intention will be achieved by realizing the social responsibilities, public benefits, studies, researches and observance of rules and technical standards, in order to protect the principles of human and professional ethics.

"Ask us for the bests"


Planning and Setting Targets

Planning and setting short-term and long-term objectives, approaches, strategies and annual review of the integrated management system is a very important strategy in Javaneh Khorasan and we try to improve the system in all aspects of our organization.


Javaneh Khorasan Co. is one of the most reliable manufacturers in producing of livestock and poultry feed supplements and laboratory animals food in Iran.
In order to improve the quality and safety of food, our company has proceeded the food quality and safety management system in accordance with HACCP, GMP ISO9001: 2008 and ISO22001: 2005 standards, and has committed itself to implement the legal requirements and all its efforts are to increase customer’s satisfaction.

Food safety

In Javaneh Khorasan we strongly believe in implement of the HACCP requirements to produce a healthy food. Improving the system in terms of food & feed and products safety and efforts to reduce the food safety hazards are our main goals.

Environmental protection

Protection of natural foundations of life for future generation, continuity in reducing of pollution, continuous improvement in the efficiency of using the primary resources and development of products that can help to establish a connection between economic success and ecological progress, is a part of our responsibility to the future.


We believe that success origins from; professional ethics, confidence, principled and consistent behavior, responsibility, legitimacy and individual beliefs.
In our company, professional ethics is defined in continuous communication with customers, knowledge transfer, transparency in strategies, progressive vision for all competitors and strengthening customer motivation.

Development and Promotion of Knowledge

Development and upgrading the knowledge through training and observing the principles of personnel hygiene, training to promote food safety, increasing of motivation and cultural loyalty and also, human resource management of the organization are the key points of Javaneh Khorasan’s policy.

Organizational Structure

Human Resources Management Unit

Upgrading the level of educating and observing the principles of personnel hygiene, training in order to increase motivation and cultural and managerial loyalty within the organization, hiring motivated and strong employees, creating positive relationships and managing organizational behavior are the main aims of the human resources management unit. The proper performance of the organization's employees in achieving future objectives that is very important in our organization.

Research and Development Unit

Study and research, innovation and creativity, close relationships with customers to solve their problems, reviewing the results of the world studies and new ideas to increase the product’s portfolio, are important factors in our success and lead to greater profitability.

Domestic and Foreign Trade Unit

The following routines are performing in Sales & Marketing unit: identification and communication with potential and current customers, introduction of the company's products according to customer needs, negotiations for sale, registration of orders and tracking them until the product reaches to customers.

Production and Operation Unit

Production and Operation Unit in Javaneh Khorasan always prioritize the following issues: instructions, biosustainability, professional ethic, strong and sustainable communication, human resource management, job position planing for staffs, creativity, system design and production layout, product quality management, capacity determination, attention to local resources and special attention to customer.

Quality Assurance Unit

Programming, proceeding, controlling and improving performance have always been the main tasks of the Quality Assurance Unit in Javaneh Khorasan. Our efforts are to provide what customer want and pay for, in a completely controlled and guaranteed process.


The laboratory of Javaneh Khorasan Co. started its activity with the aim of conducting precise quality control tests to ensure the quality of products and also providing optimal services for customers. Thanks to the efforts of specialized and committed staffs and good customers, it succeeded to achieve an accreditation certificate from Office of Standards as well as Iranian Industrial Research Office, in 2009. Nowadays, they are cooperating with Veterinary Office, Food and Drug Administration, Environment Office and Customs.