About Javaneh Khorasan
Javaneh khorasan co. has been launched in 1367 as the first supplement producer factory with the aim of producing various kinds of poultry &livestock supplements in khorasan province.
Fortunately, this company's products could get and hold an acceptable position in husbandry industry.
In 1368 lab-animals feed producing line has been operated after much more efforts with the aim of helping research centers and Country medicine universities.
This company has always tried to produce new products with the help of university instructors and research centers proud to help thesis of m.sc and doctoral booklets.
Engineering group of javaneh co. was always active in producing new products and produced 2 new products in this year which have been produced for the first time in Iran.
Also javaneh khorasan co. succeed to get supplement standard symptom from industrial research and standard organization of iran and iso 17025 license , too in diection with cooperating standard labs. (accredit) that was another proud of this company.

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