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Buffering supplement (Behina)

BEHINA eliminates short-term effects of buffering the rumen's environment by using sodium bicarbonate, a combination of several batches of chemistry with optimum buffering and optimum solubility. Using buffering supplement with high buffering capacity will cause lowering of acidification, optimal protein production and improvement of fiber digestibility.

During the use of BEHINA, the palatability increases due to the complete elimination of sodium bicarbonate, magnesium oxide and other buffering agents. Due to the simply use of BEHINA, there is no need to provide different types of buffering products by the farmer.


v Has a higher buffering capacity compared to sodium bicarbonate

v Stability in milk fat production

v Improve the digestion of fiber and carbohydrates in the rumen

v Effective in improving feed intake

v Has a more stable effect on rumen pH


0.8% of dry matter intake of 150 to 180 g per dairy

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