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Aquatic Supplement

Rainbow Trout, which is cold water fish, needs 17°C for growth and 8 to 10°C for reproduction.

Existence of vitamins in small amount is essential in Rainbow trout diet for securing animals’ growth and health. Vitamins also play role in complex biotic cellular activities. Fat soluble vitamins poison the fish if their amounts in diet exceed the required extent. Of course the fish need in different stages of pisciculture is dependant to factors such as fish growth, water temperature and environmental changes.

Minerals are basic component of Rainbow trout feed. Their function is optimizing metabolism, increasing bone strength, balance in exchange between water and environment and in body liquids. Minerals exist in fish feed though in small quantity, but even these small amounts are necessary for its life and must exist in the diet, otherwise fish health is in danger.

Among water soluble vitamins, vitamin C is noteworthy and its deficiency shows symptoms like liver, kidneys, muscles haemorrhage and curves in bones.

Vitamin A is the most important fat soluble vitamin. This vitamin is crucial for fish natural vision and also works in protecting fish skin. Its deficiency causes exophthalmos and increases the risk of infections. Vitamin A deficiency also causes decreasing appetite, losing weight gain, liver hypotrophy, anemia, skin and ocular hemorrhage, necrosis, softening operculum (gill cover) and ultimately increases mortality.

Vitamin D acts on firming skeleton and absorption of phosphorus in small intestine.

Vitamin E works as a natural antioxidant. Its deficiency symptoms are rarely exposed because this vitamin exists in most of foodstuff. However, in 6 to 12°C symptoms such as losing weight gain, reducing feed intake and softening of muscle tissues are visible.

Dosage: 5 kg/t

Shelf life: 6 months after production date

Packing: 25kg bags

Storage: keep in cool and dry location on the pallets

Vet production license No: 34/27629

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