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Vitamin E Selenovit Premix

Vitamin E is biologic antioxidants of cell walls and prevents formation of free radicals. Selenium, too, is intercellular antioxidants and also is part of glutathione peroxidase enzyme and destroys peroxides and other harmful components created inside the cell. Synergistic effect of vitamin E and Selenium causes vitamin E retention in plasma and reduction of selenium need in poultry and livestock with presence of vitamin E.

Benefits: using E-selenium in poultry and livestock causes:
  • Increasing cold tolerance which is also influenced by hormones as much as feather coverage do 
  • Reducing negative effects of high concentration of ammonia and CO2 in poultry houses on poultry performance
  • Eliminating free radicals that are developed at the time of diseases
  • Reducing negative effects of heavy metals in broilers diet 
  • Reducing negative effect of medicines which decrease antioxidants in diet
  • Improving immune system performance
  • Improving broilers performance when engaging malabsorption syndrome 
  • Prevention from catching white muscle 

  • Reducing retained placenta 
  • Increasing insemination success and parturition in big cattle
  • Prevention from abortion in pregnant ewes
  • Reducing uterus infections and mastitis
  • Improving immune system performance
  • Prevention from catching white muscle 
  • Poultry: 1kg/tone feed
  • Livestock: as prescribed by vet or nutrition expert
Shelf life: 6 months
Storage condition: keep in dry and cool place on pallet
Packing: 25kg bags
Production License No.: 34/27629

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