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Turkey Supplement

Feeding modern turkeys is a serious business. The food changes seven times over the course of the birds’ lives. It is always a corn- and soybean-based food, but has different levels of extra vitamins and minerals added, depending on the stage of growth the turkeys are in. Javaneh Khorasan Co. has nutritionists that evaluate the food and will adjust the vitamin and mineral content based on the birds’ ages, growth rates, and the nutritional value of the corn and soybeans used in that particular batch of food in order to achieve the efficient growth rate.
Dosage & Administration: 6kg/t (3 kg vitamin supplement + 3 kg mineral supplement per ton of feed)
Shelf life: The best consistency would be 6 months after production.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, 15° - 25°C.
Weight: 25 kg in 3 layered polyethylene package.
National Standard Product Number: G692007888

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