Product Details

Breeder Supplement For RASS 308

Specified for:

  • Ross 308 Parent Stock (based on 2014 recommendations)
  • Organic Ross 308 Parent Stock (based on 2014 recommendations); with BASF Co’s organic trace elements 

  • Supplying all the required vitamins and minerals for Ross 308 parent stock 
  • Improving flock fertility
  • Increased hatchability
  • Lower the metabolic problems in broiler breeders
  • Increased production efficiency

Using Organic Trace Elements would lead to:
  • Increased mineral quantity and storages in the body (resources)
  • Improving egg shell quality
  • Improved immune system
  • Increased number and duration of peak production
  • Increased production persistency 
  • Preventing early moulting 
  • Improved skin strength against sore or lesions especially in the aged birds
  • Improved hatched chicks quality
Dosage & Administration: 5kg/t (2.5 kg vitamin supplement + 2.5 kg mineral supplement per ton of feed)
Shelf life: The best consistency would be 6 months after production.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, 15° - 25°C.
Weight: 25 kg in 3 layered polyethylene package.
National Standard Product Number: G692007888


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