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Choline Chloride

A product from Belgium, Nutrex

Exclusive representative distributor, Javaneh Khorasan Co.
Choline is a nutrient which is omitted from the diet can cause specified symptoms of deficiency. Although Choline is considered as vitamin B complex group, it doesn’t mean classical definition of a vitamin.
Biochemical importance of choline:
• Choline is involved in methylation processes
• Choline is necessary for the production of phospholipids, explaining its role in cell structures.
• Choline is transformed into acetylcholine, which plays an important role in the nervous system.
• Choline takes part in the transport of fats away from the liver, therefore preventing fatty livers
Choline is the major source of methyl groups. It can be used to forming homocysteine and guanidinoacetic acid from methionine and creatine, respectively.
In addition to poor growth, the classic sign of choline deficiency in chicks and poults is perosis. Perosis is first characterized by pinpoint hemorrhages and a slight puffiness about the hock joint, followed by an apparent flattening of the tibiometatarsal joint caused by a rotation of the metatarsus. The metatarsus continues to twist and may become bent or bowed so that it is out of alignment with the tibia. When this condition exists, the leg cannot adequately support the weight of the bird. The articular cartilage is displaced, and the Achilles tendon slips from its condyles. Perosis is not a specific deficiency sign; it appears with several nutrient deficiencies.
Choline deficiency leads to excessive deposition of lipids in the liver (fatty liver syndrome) particularly in the female. Egg production is also reduced.

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