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Broiler Supplement

0.5% broiler supplement

Vitamins and minerals are needed for all metabolic functions in the body. Due to high efficiency, in the industrial breeding of modern broilers, nutrients (especially vitamins and minerals) are necessary which cannot be supplied from different grains and meals sufficiently. That’s why we must provide these nutrients as a supplement to fulfill the rations. 
Specified for: Ross 308 broiler chicks, 2014 
Prevention vitamin and mineral deficiencies, weak skeletal structure of Broiler; loss of body weight & insufficient meat production; less quality of meat; maximize production and achieve a satisfactory economic return.
Dosage & Administration:
5kg/t (2.5 kg vitamin supplement + 2.5 kg mineral supplement per ton of feed)
Directions for use: In order to uniform and well mixing of this supplement into the ration you might first mix this product with some milled corn then incorporate it as a premix into the final ration in the main mixer. 
Shelf life: The best consistency would be 6 months after production.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, 15° - 25°C.
Packing: 25 kg in 3 layered polyethylene package.
Product Number for mineral supplement from veterinary organization: M-F.A39-74
Product Number for mineral supplement from veterinary organization: F-A. 39-74
National Standard Product Number: G692007888 

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