Product Details

Broiler Supplement For Pellet manufacturers

This premix is designed to consider the likely loss of vitamins and minerals due to pelleting for broilers. In addition, easy usage and low shipping costs are other advantages of this product.

  • Improve immune system
  • Increased flock uniformity
  • Improve feed conversion
  • Prevention of perosis (slipped tendon) and fatty liver
  • Improve nutrients metabolism
  • No single vitamin premixes is required
  • Formulated for pelleted feed usage
  • Easy usage
  • Low shipping prices
Dosage & Administration: 2kg/t (1 kg vitamin supplement + 1 kg mineral supplement per ton of broiler feed)
Shelf life: The best consistency would be 6 months after production.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, 15° - 25°C.
Packing: 25 kg in 3 layered polyethylene package.
Vet production license No: G692007888

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