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Egg yolk yellow color is due to use of pigments in the feed. These pigments are in non-esterified forms, so their bioavailability is limited. In addition, natural pigments content in the feed ingredients e.g. corn and lucerne while threshing, drying and storage is fluctuated.

Pigments content of these plants is confined to their green parts therefore, their biological value is limited.
Tissue cell wall of Marigold is rich of yellow pigments but there are no thoroughly required enzymes to breaking down the cell wall and absorption of pigments in the poultry gut. Hence, it is recommended to use synthetic pigments in the ration.
  • Improved egg yolk color in layers and skin color in broilers
  •  High bioavailability
  • Increased persistence and creating favorable color
  • Long time storage capability
  • Egg yolk color uniformity – according to the usage amount, mixes uniformly with whole the ration
Dosage & Administration:
With a view to natural xanthophyll in the feed ingredients such as corn, corn gluten and lucerne the amount of needed synthetic pigment would be different. 
In order to determination of favorite color, yolk color fan of BASF Co. can be used internationally.
Simultaneously use of Lucantin® (yellow) and Lucantin® (red) would result the best color uniformity in the yolk. 


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