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Vitamin D3 Premix

Vitamin D is a complex of different substances each of them have ultimately anti-rickets role. Major forms of vitamin D which are biologically of significant importance include: Vitamin D2 is supplied by forage that has received sufficient sun rays. This vitamin is produced in plants by ultra-violet radiation to the estrols of plants. calciferols or vivstrols are other types of pro-vitamins which are commercially made by yeasts and ergostrol. Vitamin D3 (cholecalsiferol) is made by sun ultra-violet radiation to a precursor called 7 dehydrocholesterol in mammals’ skin. Vitamin D4 and D5 are naturally available in oils and some fish. Vitamin D can naturally be produced in skin by sun radiation or by digestive absorption. Activation of this vitamin happens at two phases in liver and kidney.

  • Prevention and treatment of rickets in poultry and livestock
  • Increasing calcium and phosphate absorption in poultry and livestock diet
  • Improving egg sell quality
  • Improving egg production and fertility
  • Preventing milk fever after parturition in livestock
  • Prevention: 1kg/tone feed or as prescribed by vet or nutrition expert
  • Treatment: 2kg/tone feed as prescribed by vet or nutrition expert 
Shelf life: 6 months
Storage condition: keep in dry and cool place on pallet
Packing: 10kg and 25kg bags
Vet Production License No.: V.F.G-46-75

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