Meeting Livestock Experts from Isfahan

A one-day meeting with livestock experts from Isfahan was held in conference room of Javaneh Khorasan Factory.


A meeting with the topic of introducing Xtract with presence of representative of Pancosma Co. and a group of livestock experts was held in conference hall of Pardisan hotel.


Javaneh Khorasan in association with Evonic Degussa held a meeting in conference hall of Pardisan hotel to introduce Mepron.


One-day conference about Quantum was held in summer 2013 with participation of a group livestock expert at the conference room of the company.


Phytase conference was held in cooperation with BASF company.

  Antibiotics and Probiotics

Necessity of reviewing poultry and livestock nutrition, kind and amount of feed supplements and antibiotics as practice of infection prevention and growth promoter is becoming prominent with increasing growth of animal husbandry and tendency of joining WTO. To achieve this end it is important to change feed diet, minimize antibiotic use and WTO approved quality standards.

  Importance of additives in poultry nutrition

In line with educational and promotional programs of Javaneh Khorasan Co., a conference about additives and poultry nutrition was held on February 2006, with presence of Dr. Kamyab as the speaker. Members of Mashhad Poultry Cooperative, university professors, vets, experts, technical directors and a group of poultry farmers attended this conference.

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