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Optimal solution that supports Gut health & integrity

The butyrate that supports the whole intestinal tract
Nowadays genetic potential of monogastric farm animals allows
the animals to grow faster by using less feed. To perform up to this
genetic potential the nutritional quality of the diets needs to meet
the animal’s requirements. Particularly the diets fed during the first
phases in the animal’s life are very important. First phase feeding
will have a significant impact on the intestinal bacterial community
and the development of the intestinal structure, integrity and functionality.
A sub-optimal intestinal functionality during this first phase
has a significant and negative impact on the animal performance up
till the end of the growing period.
In order to maximize the genetic potential of the animals,
Novyrate® will act as essential nutrient for development and
maintenance of digestive functionality and integrity.
much more than an organic acid.
Research has demonstrated the beneficial effects of butyrate. It has
been known for several years that butyrate has a strong and selective
action against pathogenic bacteria in combination with a positive
effect, as direct energy source for the development and proliferation
of the intestinal cells. Butyric acid has also been proven to be highly
efficient in reducing salmonella invasion in the intestinal cells,
consequently reducing infection and subsequent disease
In young animals or in animals with a disturbed micro-flora the
production of butyrate is too low (see fig 2).
An additional supply of butyric acid during first phase feeding or
during critical phases in the growing process will be beneficial for the
intestinal health, which consequently will improve performance.
Lack of such essential element may result in disturbed feed utisation
in broilers. Young piglets suffer from severe diarrhea and scouring.
Metabolic mode of action
of butyrate
Butyrate has mainly been used as a direct energy source. Research
has now produced evidence that specific metabolic effects can be
attributed to butyrate making it an important and useful metabolic
molecule in animal feeding.
1. Butyrate is normally rapidly absorbed and arrives
in the bloodstream
• Stimulating growth of villi. (Table 1,2)
• Stimulating function of liver cells.
2. Butyrate when delivered in the lower part of the
intestinal tract, attaches to specific receptor cells
which have shown to release peptides that:
• Stimulate the ability of the animal to overcome
bacterial infections.
• Slow down the emptying of the stomach/gizzard to
optimize feed passage.
• Increase the absorption of electrolytes and water, providing
dryer manure.
• Decrease the adsorption of ammonia, thereby reducing
the toxic effects in the animal. (Table 3)
• Increase pancreatic secretion, improving digestive processes
• Increase entero-endocrine activity
• Improve vascular intestinal supply.
3. The same type of receptors is found in spleen, bone
marrow and monocytes, suggesting that butyric acid will
affect positively the immune system as well.
4. Many research work as well as field experience have
demonstrated the beneficial effect of using Butyrate
combined either with other organic acids and/or
essentiel oils and botanicals.
Such combinations can prove to be more effective than
using any single material alone.
Slow release butyrate is essential
for maximal benefit
To be able to benefit from all positive metabolic effects
of butyrate, a special optimized slow release coating is
required, based on
1. A specific spray cooling technique
 2. Selection of a vegetable fat with a high melting point.
3. Butyrate with low molecular weight, being Na-butyrate, to have
highest amount active components.
This coating has been demonstrated to have a low release at the
level of stomach, but at the same time, making the active molecule
completely available in the intestinal tract. It ensures the efficiency
of Novyrate® being used in different stages of the animal’s life
Products and application 
is a pure form of Sodium Butyrate.
Novyrate® C 
is the coated butyrate product that, through its’ slow release
coating process, gives the animal the possibility to develop an
optimal functioning intestinal tract. This enables the animal to
get the maximum out of its genetic potential.
Novyrate® S 
is a product which combines the slow release coating process with
a mixture of other organic acids targeting microbial imbalances.
Novyrate® EB 
Gut-active (esterified butyrins)
Novyrate EB is a synergetic combination of esterified butyrins,
with immediate activity in the early part of the intestinal tract.

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